This is the personal page of Vladyslav Koshelyev, an amateur traveler, futurist, musician, writer and such.

Me in a couple of lines:

  • My name is Vladyslav. I know it’s complicated so you can call me  Vlad, Vlady, Vladek or any other short name you can invent. Please don´t call me Vladimir, Vonderbra or Voldemort.
  • I am blessed to have lived in different places including Kyiv, Szczecin, Cologne, Barcelona and Madrid
  • I live in Singapore – a young and vibrant country at the heat of Asia.
  • I am a part of Facebook and I love it.
  • Everything related to web technology, online advertising and the future of Internet wakes me up in the morning better than any coffee.
  • I am into songwriting and music production. I have recorded an album a while ago and am working on a new one!
  • I can speak, work and create in several languages – English, Spanish, German, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.
  • I don’t know a better form of recreation than going to a city I have never been before to and getting lost there.

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